What is LucaNet?

LucaNet is a German-based Financial Performance Management (FPM) software used by +3,000 customers worldwide. The tool can help companies with financial planning and budgeting, forecasting and scenario planning, and most importantly financial consolidation for Group and Holding Companies

Data Integration

Over 200 standard interfaces with ERP and financial accounting systems

Imports of all posting document information (e.g. cost centers/cost units, partner codes and transaction types)

Data Collection & Validation

Automated validation options

Transparency about the state of data collection

 Secure and error-free data transfer

Intercompany Reconciliation

A ready-to-use reporting structure.

Comprehensive importing functionality.

Decentralized intercompany reconciliation.

Financial Consolidation

Completely automated procedures across all consolidation steps and group structures of any depth.

Matrix consolidation (consolidation of segments, business units, regions etc.)

Presentation of all group analyses and the consolidated cash flow statement

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Predefined planning forms including business logic.

Sub-plans at the cost center and/or cost unit level.

Automatic rules-based derivation of integrated business planning (P&L, balance sheet, liquidity).

 Excel integration for transferring planning data.

Forecasting & Scenario Planning

Forecast wizards for developing detailed planning time series.

Automatic generation of rolling projections.

Simple comparison, evaluation, and analysis of forecasts and scenarios using flexible views.

Group Controlling

Presentation of actual and planning figures on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Best-case and worst-case scenarios.

Intra-year rolling planning and forecasts.

BI & Analytics

Best of Breed BI Dashboarding.

Seamless integration with any BI or analytics tool.

Simple, clear, and transparent generation of ad hoc analyses in the LucaNet front end.

Predefined reports and evaluations.

Interactive analysis function.

Full Excel integration, including pivot tables

Disclosure Management

Full audit trail.

Integration of tables, charts, numbers, and running text.

Simultaneous editing of report sections by multiple users, in combination with a dedicated permissions system.

Full integration with SmartNotes (the perfect tool for preparing financial and annual reports).


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